About PIMA

Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association

For more than 30 years, PIMA has served as the unified voice of the rigid polyiso industry. PIMA is one of the foremost industry advocates for building energy-efficiency practices and policies. The Association represents the public policy interests of the polyiso industry at the local, national, and international levels to advance the message of high-performance building construction.


PIMA’s membership includes manufacturers of polyiso insulation, raw material suppliers to the industry, and businesses that provide testing services to manufacturers. PIMA members produce the majority of polyiso used in North America. A complete list of PIMA members can be found here: PIMA Members. Follow the links for PIMA’s Board of Directors and Staff Members. If you are interested in PIMA membership, please contact us via our online form and include information about your business connection to the polyiso industry.

Vision & Mission

PIMA is the unified voice of the rigid polyiso industry and a proactive advocate for safe, cost-effective, sustainable, and energy-efficient construction. PIMA promotes the polyiso industry through advocacy, education, and leadership.

Strategic Goals

PIMA creates a favorable environment for the growth of the polyiso industry in the United States and Canada through proactive advocacy, education, and leadership. Specifically, PIMA supports the industry’s efforts to:

  • Increase installations of polyiso insulation and high-density coverboard products by promoting the construction of sustainable, energy-efficient commercial roofs;
  • Grow the use of polyiso as the continuous insulation solution for the commercial wall and other building envelope applications; and
  • Assess the value proposition for polyiso in residential construction and below-grade/slab applications.


As an award-winning association, PIMA has been an industry leader and advocate for the promotion of building energy efficiency policies and environmental best practices. PIMA’s current initiatives include:

  • Advocacy - PIMA is one of the nation’s foremost industry advocates for enhanced energy codes and public policies that drive investments in the construction of energy-efficient building envelopments. To support this mission, PIMA is an active sponsor and organizer of advocacy events that bring hundreds of industry stakeholders to Washington, D.C. for meetings with Congressional representatives on key issues. PIMA also supports plant tours of member facilities for state and federal elected officials, which help highlight the business of energy efficiency and manufacturing. An overview of PIMA’s recent public policy activities can be found here.
  • Communications - PIMA distributes press releases and publishes industry trade journal articles to create awareness for recently completed studies and bulletins, and relevant information on polyiso performance. PIMA also works collaboratively with industry stakeholders to advance the overall success of the roofing and insulation industries. See below for full list of industry partner organizations.
  • Education - PIMA’s learning program focuses on providing education for various stakeholder audiences. The program includes lunch-and-learn presentations and webinars that promote industry best practices to code officials, architects, and building envelope consultants. Currently, the program has three content areas: Reroofing Codes, Environmental Product Declarations, and Continuous Insulation for Wall Applications.
  • Leadership - PIMA is both a national and international advocate for energy efficiency programs. PIMA members and staff serve leadership roles in key energy efficiency advocacy organizations, and PIMA staff have played advisory roles to key governmental agencies on issues ranging from ozone depletion to climate change.
  • Technical - PIMA publishes technical bulletins, performance bulletins, and other materials to increase the building industry’s understanding of polyiso’s benefits. PIMA is an active participant in the development of product and test standards and represents the industry’s interests in various building code and standard development processes. The Association, in partnership with other organizations, performs joint research to support its priority technical issues.


PIMA works with representatives from all sectors of the building industry and a variety of trade organizations and environmental advocates to support policies that promote safe, cost-effective, sustainable, and energy-efficient construction. PIMA’s industry partners include: