Additional Resources
Additional Resources

PIMA develops and collects information to assist with the effective implementation of building and energy codes. This page includes additional resources for industry professionals that are relevant to the primary applications for polyiso insulation products.

Commercial Reroofing Permit Expedited Checklist

PIMA’s Commercial Reroofing Permit Expedited Checklist is intended for use by building departments located within the United States that enforce the 2015 International Building Code and 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (note: the 2018 I-Code requirements for reroofing are similar to the 2015 editions). The checklist can be used as part of the building permit application process and assist with plan review and inspection for reroofing projects. Additional information on the I-Code requirements for commercial reroofing projects is available on the PIMA Education webpage here

The 2015 IECC as Applied to Commercial Reroofing

This brochure explains code language clarifications related to the reroofing requirements that were adopted as part of the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and maintained as part of the 2018 edition. Importantly, the revised language clarifies that roof replacement projects must comply with the thermal envelope requirements for new construction.

Energy Savings of Commercial Roof Replacements

More than 2.5 billion square feet of commercial, low-slope roofs are replaced or re-covered each year on existing buildings in the United States. Replacement of a typical existing roof with an energy code-compliant roof reduces whole building energy use by an average of 5.7%. This information is based on a 2009 analysis and report by Covestro – The Energy and Environmental Impact Reduction Opportunities for Existing Buildings with Low-Slope Roofs. The report is the most comprehensive analysis available evaluating the cost-effectiveness of roof insulation upgrades for existing buildings.

Roof and Wall Thermal Design Guide (2015 I-Codes)

This industry-developed design guide provides detailed and focused information regarding the prescriptive energy-efficiency requirements of the 2015 I-Codes for commercial wall and roof assemblies. Users will follow a step-by-step process in order to identify the relevant prescriptive minimum thermal value for a project’s roof or wall assembly.