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Rainwater Management: Tapered Insulation Can Prevent Ponding on Low-Slope Roofs
Magazine: Roofing, September/October

Collective Efforts Support Stability and Growth of U.S. Building Industries
Magazine: Roofing, July/August

High-density Polyiso Cover Boards: Enhancing the Durability of Low-slope Roofs
Magazine: Construction Canada, June

Improve Commercial Roof Performance With Staggered Insulation Layers
Magazine: Roofing, May 28

Insulation for the Future: Advancing Building Energy Efficiency and Resilience
Magazine: Morning Consult, May 28

The Power of Building and Energy Codes: Preparing for the Expected and Unexpected
Magazine: Building Enclosure, April 12

Environmental Product Declarations Are a Driving Force for Change
Magazine: Roofing, April 2

Fire Performance in Low Slope Roof Assemblies: Codes and Standards for the US and Canada
Magazine: RCI Interface, Feburary 

Building Codes: Everyday Tools for Disaster Preparedness and Relief
Magazine: Roofing, Feburary


Benefits of High-Density Polyisocyanurate Cover Boards for Roofing Systems
Magazine: Roofing, November 27

Foam Insulation Groups Challenge US NGO Criticism
Magazine: Chemical Watch, September 20

A Versatile Option
Magazine: Professional Roofing, June

The Federal Government is Making Energy-Efficient Roofing Attractive
Magazine: Roofing, May 19

Proper Storage and Handling of Polyiso Insulation
Magazine: Roofing, May 18

Resilient Building Codes Offer Challenges and Opportunities for Construction Industry
Magazine: Construction Canada, May

Stud Wall Design with Polyiso and New Wall Calculators
Magazine: Building Enclosure, April 18

Existing Commercial Buildings and the Energy Code An Illinois Enforcement Survey
MEEA, April

Beyond Savings: Building Energy Codes Drive Important Benefits to States and Cities
Magazine: Interface, April

Energy Code Math for Commercial Walls: How Polyiso Continuous Insulation Can Help
Magazine: Construction Specifier, April 10

Storage and Handling of Polyiso Insulation
Magazine: Building Enclosure, April 2

Roofing Code: Roof Replacement and the IECC
Magazine: Building Enclosure, March 14

Federal Energy Efficiency Programs Deliver Strong Returns. Congress Should Look Elsewhere for Cuts
The Hill, February 1

The “Perfect Wall” In Cold Climates: Solutions with Polyiso CI 
Magazine: RCI Interface, January


Efficient and Effective Construction Through Building Codes
Magazine: Roofing, November 22

Retrofit Roofing Project Highlights Advancements in Building Materials and Methods
Magazine: Roofing, July 24

What Do Model Energy Codes Mean for Continuous Insulation?
Magazine: Building Enclosure, May 15


Toward Resiliency
Magazine: Professional Roofing, December 1

The Building Industry is Working to Reduce Long-Term Costs and Limit Disruptions of Extreme Events
Magazine: Roofing, July 27

Tiny House Demonstrates Commitment to Conservation 
Magazine: Retrofit, July 26 

What does COP 21 Mean for Building Professionals?
Magazine: Construction Canada, July 25

Understanding Highly Insulated Wall Assemblies Relationship with Global Warming 
Construction Specifier, March 14


The Emergence of Disclosure in Green Design
Construction Specifier, November 15

PIMA Featured in Building Envelope Article on Sustainable Construction 
Magazine: Architectural Record, March 18  

PIMA Sponsors Architectural Record Continuing Education Article on Resilency
Magazine: Architectural Record, March 12 

PIMA Approves Four Testing Labs for QualityMarkcm Certification Program
Magazine: Roofing Magazine, February 10

PIMA Announces First North American Environmental Product Declerations for Polyiso Roof and Wall Insulation
Magazine: Green Living Guy, February 10

A Celebration of Solar
Magazine: Professional Roofing, February 1

Senators Introduce Energy-Efficiency Renovations Program for Commercial Roofing
Magazine: Building Design + Construction, January 29

Specifying Polyiso for Continuous Insulation in Walls
Magazine: Construction Canada, January 12


PIMA Approves Four Testing Labs for QualityMarkcm Certification Program
Magazine: Retrofit Magazine, December 20

Polyiso Insulation to Be Used in Innovative Apartment Complex for the Homeless
Magazine: Roofing, December 9

Focus of Buildings on Efficiency as US Moves Toward Low-Carbon Economy
Magazine: Retrofit Magazine, May 29

The Need to Address the Lack of Consensus Procedures in Developing LEED
Magazine: Retrofit Magazine, April 1


Flame Retardants Serve An Essential Role In Foam Insulation
Magazine: Today's Facility Manager, November 19

August Edition of Professional Roofing Includes Feature on PIMA Quality Mark Program
Magazine: Professional Roofing, August 8

Mark Graham Weighs in on LTTR and ASTM C1289 Update
Magazine: Professional Roofing, August 8

Foam Plastics and Fire Retardants: A Practitioner's View of a New Code Change Proposal
Magazine: Interface
, April 


Oct 31, 2012 ANSI approves SBCA FS 100–2012: Standard Requirements for Wind Pressure Resistance of Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing Used in Exterior Wall Covering Assemblies
Contact: Sean Shields

Jul 18, 2012 Building and Construction Industry Leaders Announce Formation of the American High-Performance Buildings Coalition
Contact: Marie Francis

Feb 22, 2012 PIMA Completes ISO14044-Compliant LCA for Polyiso Building Insulation
Contact: PIMA

PIMA Completes ISO 14044- Compliant LCA for Polyiso Building Insulation
Magazine: Roofing Contractor, January


Raising the "R" with Masonry Cavity Wall Insulation
Magazine: The Masonry Edge, January 25


Benefits and Trade-offs of Low Slow Roofing System Insulation and Reflectance
Magazine: Interface, December

4 Bil. SF of roofs ready for retrofit
Publication: PIMA, November 13

The Importance of Existing Insulation Technology
Magazine: Buildings, August 1

More Opportunities
Magazine: Professional Roofing, March 1


Use of Rigid Foam Insulation in Masonry Sidewall Construction
Magazine: Interface, September 1

The High Performance Roof
Magazine: Buildings, July 25

Unsung Heroes of Energy Efficiency
Magazine: Eco-Structure, March 1

ASHRAE Increases Roof and Wall R-value for the First Time in 19 Years
Magazine: Building Design and Construction, January 22

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