Polyiso Applications
Polyiso Applications

Polyiso Roof Insulation

A roof system will comprise the single largest component of a typical commercial building’s thermal envelope so insulation is critical to overall energy efficiency. Polyiso roof insulation is installed as part of more roof systems than all other insulation types combined because of its high R-value, strength, and compatibility with a variety of roofing applications.

Polyiso CI – Commercial Wall Construction

Continuous insulation (CI) provides commercial building owners with the opportunity to maximize building envelope energy efficiency without reducing valuable interior space. As modern energy codes require additional levels of insulation, Polyiso CI provides a high R-value solution that combines excellent fire performance with the versatility to be installed as part of an air or moisture barrier system.

Polyiso CI – Residential Wall Construction

As building energy codes and prospective buyers demand more energy-efficient homes, builders are searching for solutions that combine performance with cost savings. Polyiso CI creates a uniform layer of insulation across the exterior walls of a home, which reduces thermal bridges, allows for minimal changes to framing techniques, minimizes the risk of air or moisture intrusion, and increases energy efficiency as compared to traditional insulation strategies.

High-Density (HD) Polyiso Roof Cover Board

A commercial building’s roof can take a beating from Mother Nature and regular roof maintenance traffic, and more owners are choosing to protect their investment by installing a roof cover board. HD polyiso roof cover boards combine the durable performance and impact resistance of traditional options with the added value of higher R-value and easy-of-use typical of other polyiso products.