Residential Wall Construction
Polyiso CI - Residential Wall Construction

Polyiso CI – Residential Wall Construction

Heating and cooling costs for a homeowner can dramatically increase as the result of poorly insulated and leaky walls. Continuous insulation delivers unparalleled performance by reducing thermal bridges created by framing members in walls insulated only with cavity insulation. Additionally, continuous insulation provides an uninterrupted barrier across the wall that can be used as an air barrier or water resistant barrier. For additional information on the general benefits of continuous insulation, visit

Polyiso continuous insulation (“Polyiso CI”) for residential construction is typically manufactured with a foil-facer that delivers a high R-value compared to other product types. This performance allows builders to meet today’s energy code requirements for highly energy efficient homes with a minimum thickness of insulation. To reduced installed cost and deliver additional homeowner benefits, Polyiso CI can be installed as a 3-in-1 building envelope solution to meet water resistant and air barrier requirements. Other benefits of Polyiso CI for residential construction include:

  • Excellent fire performance (Polyiso CI does not melt or drip when exposed to flame)
  • Reduced risk for water vapor condensation and moisture accumulation in the wall
  • Lower construction costs with 3-in-1 barrier performance
  • Eliminate traditional structural sheathing with Polyiso CI bracing options
  • Versatile performance for above and below-grade wall applications

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