Technical Bulletins
Technical Bulletins

PIMA Technical Bulletins provide up-to-date technical and industry information about polyiso insulation products and applications. The resources are published as a public service to help expand the knowledge of architects, consultants, building owners, and roofing contractors, and are regularly updated to help build consensus on the performance characteristics of polyiso. Industry professionals should review individual polyiso manufacturer resources for product-specific performance and specification information.

100 Series – Roofing

The 100 series Technical Bulletins address key performance characteristics for the use of polyiso insulation in commercial and residential roofing applications. The covered topics include fire performance, tapered insulation systems, and best practices for storage, handing and installation.

200 Series – Competitive Products

The 200 series Technical Bulletins include information on polyiso insulation performance as compared to other insulation options. The series also features a discussion on the differences between polyurethane and polyisocyanurate product chemistries.

300 Series – Residential Walls

The 300 series Technical Bulletins discuss continuous insulation applications for polyiso insulation used in residential wall construction. The resources address a range of relevant topics, including wall bracing, moisture control, and energy efficiency performance.

400 Series – Commercial Walls

The 400 series Technical Bulletins provide information on polyiso performance when used as continuous insulation for commercial wall construction. The bulletins include details for a variety of different construction types, fire performance information, and the energy efficiency benefits of polyiso.

500 Series – HD Cover Boards

The 500 series Technical Bulletins highlight the physical properties of high-density (HD) polyiso roof cover boards, including R-value, compressive strength, and resistance to mold and moisture. The resources also address the performance advantages of HD cover boards like weight (transportation and installation), thermal resistance, and durability as compared to traditional cover board options.