Commerical Wall Construction
Polyiso CI – Commercial Wall Construction

Polyiso CI – Commercial Wall Construction

Continuous insulation provides improved performance compared to typical cavity insulation by creating an uninterrupted thermal barrier across the wall. The unparalleled performance of continuous insulation results from the reduction of thermal bridges created by wall framing members. Continuous insulation also can serve as a water resistant barrier and air barrier. For additional information on the general benefits of continuous insulation, visit
Polyiso continuous insulation (“Polyiso CI”) delivers a high R-value when compared to other products, which allows for designed thermal performance to be achieved with a minimum thickness of insulation. Polyiso CI can be installed as a 3-in-1 building envelope solution to meet water resistant and air barrier requirements. Other benefits of Polyiso CI for commercial construction include:

  • Excellent fire performance (versatile solution for NFPA 285-compliant assemblies)
  • Reduced risk for water vapor condensation and moisture accumulation in the wall
  • Durable; lightweight; ease of installation
  • Low global warming potential blowing agents
  • Industry-wide Environmental Product Declaration

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